Bad Breath

Bad breath, officially known as halitosis, is a problem that plagues most people at some time in their life. While breath fresheners such as mints and gums can temporarily solve the issue, there are preventive measures that can be taken to stop bad breath before it starts.

The best way to prevent bad breath is to maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine. Food debris in the teeth and gums is an ideal environment to foster the bacteria that cause bad breath. Removing this debris often through brushing and flossing is the most effective way to prevent bad breath. Another way to eliminate and prevent halitosis is to use an antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria every time you brush and in between meals.

Diet plays a large role in dental hygiene and in the prevention of bad breath. It is obvious that certain foods, such as onions, can contribute to bad breath, but there are certain foods that are actually effective in the prevention of halitosis. Fibrous foods such as raw vegetables not only scrape bacteria from tooth surfaces, but they also promote increased saliva flow, which limits the possibility of bad breath. Eating healthy foods at breakfast is especially helpful in eliminating the bad breath bacteria that can form in the mouth over night. In addition to eating a healthy diet, staying well-hydrated is also an important tool in the fight against bad breath.

Aside from being a social nuisance, bad breath may be a sign of a serious medical condition. If your bad breath persists, it is wise to see a dentist about the problem.