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Periodontal Treatment St. Louis

Periodontal Treatment in St. Louis. Periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, is a condition that affects many Americans. While cases can range from mild irritation to significant dental problems, it can affect the smile, comfort, and confidence of anyone who has it. If your gums have become irritated, basic activities like eating or brushing your teeth are painful, or you are experiencing more serious issues like loose teeth, it is time to seek periodontal treatment in St. Louis. Plaza Dental Center has an amazing team that treats every patient as family to ensure a positive experience. For periodontal treatment in St. Louis, or just a regular cleaning with a friendly dentist, call Plaza Dental today at 314-361-1818 or make an appointment online.

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Two Types of Periodontitis | St. Louis Periodontal Treatment

According to the CDC, periodontal disease affects 47.2% of adults over 30, and 70.1% of adults over 65. Periodontal infections are viewed through two distinct stages: gingivitis in its mild form, and periodontitis if the disease is allowed to progress:

  1. Gingivitis — Gingivitis is caused when plaque builds up on your teeth and where your teeth connect to your gums. If the plaque is not removed through proper oral health care, it becomes tartar which can only be removed by a professional dental cleaning. If the tartar is not removed, the gingiva, or the part of the gums at the base of the teeth, it irritates your gums and causes inflammation, leading to the gum disease known as gingivitis. Common symptoms of gingivitis include:
    • Redness
    • Swelling
    • Chronic bad breath
    • Receding gums
    • Tender gums
    • Painful chewing
    • New teeth sensitivity to temperature in your mouth
    • Bleeding after brushing your teeth

    If you experience any of the above symptoms, it’s important to seek out gingivitis treatment right away, or it could lead to major dental problems down the line.

  2. Periodontitis — Periodontitis is an advanced gum disease that occurs when gingivitis is not treated. The bacteria which tartar collects and protects spreads deeper into your gums, creating pockets between your teeth and gums where more bacteria will collect. If still left untreated, periodontitis can damage surrounding tissue, including bone and tooth loss. Symptoms include:
    • Purplish gums
    • Gums that bleed easily
    • Gaps between your teeth and gums
    • Pus between your teeth and gums
    • Loose teeth
    • Tooth loss
    • A change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite

    At the first sign of periodontitis, reach out to a dentist for periodontal treatment right away, including making an appointment for emergency dental procedures if a tooth is loose or falls out.

Periodontal Treatment St. Louis | Gingivitis Treatment | Dental Office Near St. Louis

Periodontitis Risk Factors

The onset of gingivitis and other periodontal disease is not random. We can all make active decisions in our daily lives that lower the risk of needing periodontal treatment. Certain risk factors include:

  • Poor oral care habits
  • Lack of regular professional dental care
  • Smoking or otherwise using tobacco
  • Old age
  • Dry mouth
  • Poor nutrition, such as vitamin C deficiency
  • Conditions that decrease immunity
  • Certain prescription drugs
  • Genetics
  • Certain viral or fungal infections
  • Stress
  • Bruxism, or teeth grinding

While some risk factors are beyond our control, simple and practical steps such as brushing and flossing and regular cleanings and polishings go a long way in preventing gum disease by removing harmful bacteria and plaque that cause it. Regular dental examinations at a professional dental office will spot early warning signs and treat gingivitis before it worsens.

Periodontal Treatment for Gum Disease in St. Louis

While prevention and care often stave off gum disease, sometimes it’s too little too late, or something happens beyond our control. Once gum disease has progressed, there are a variety of treatment options your St. Louis dentist can pursue depending on the severity of the disease:

  • Antibiotics — When prevention fails, antibiotics are often a first recourse for non-invasive procedures. Antibiotics can be given with topical gels applied between your teeth and gums or prescription mouthwash.
  • Deep scaling and root planning Tartar adheres most strongly to tooth roots. Deep scaling involves using a laser or ultrasonic scaler to scrape below gums and remove tartar. Scaling can leave the tooth surface rough, so it is usually followed by root planning, which smooths tooth surfaces, preventing further buildup and promoting proper healing.
  • LANAP or Laser Assisted Regeneration LANAP is a dental technology which uses a laser to target and remove diseased tissue and kill germs while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. After exploding and removing damaged tissue, your St. Louis dentist will use the laser again to connect gum tissue back to the root and create a seal around the tooth which allows gum and bone tissue to regenerate.
  • Maxillofacial surgery Also called oral surgery, this can include osseous surgery, or pocket reduction surgery, to remove bacteria and diseased gum tissue, smooth any damaged bone, and suture your gums in a way that reduces pocket depth. Other surgeries such as soft tissue grafts from the roof of your mouth to replace damaged gums, or a bone graft if the bone at the root of your teeth has been destroyed.
  • Other methods — Other methods can include guided tissue regeneration, which places a special fabric between the bone and tooth to prevent diseased tissue from touching the tooth and to allow it to grow back naturally. Your St. Louis dentist may also use a special gel on a diseased tooth root that stimulates the growth of healthy bone and tissue.
  • Dental implants If you’re seeking periodontal treatment because you’ve already lost a tooth, we can insert dental implants to permanently replace those teeth. Your St. Louis dentist will insert a titanium screw into your gums and jaw bone to act as an artificial tooth root, and then cap it with a tooth-colored porcelain crown.

Plaza Dental Center’s Dr. Joseph Cutrona was met with large, complex cases early on in his dental education. This means he is capable of treating anything from mild gingivitis to significant bone loss in his periodontal treatment in St. Louis. Apprehensive patients are of particular concern to us. If you have serious gum disease partially caused by anxiety sitting in the dentist’s chair, we’ll do everything possible to make you feel comfortable so you can get the dental care you need.

St. Louis Periodontal Treatment | Plaza Dental Center

Whether you’re looking for periodontal treatment to relieve irritation and prevent further buildup, or need to completely restore your smile, Plaza Dental Centers dedicated, friendly, and capable St. Louis team will get you smiling as you walk down the street in no time. Everyone deserves a smile they feel confident with, and a healthy mouth that makes things like chewing and brushing pain-free. To make an appointment with the leaders of St. Louis periodontal treatment, call Plaza Dental today at 314-361-1818 or make an appointment online.