Pulling Out A Loose Tooth

Every parent faces this conundrum: your child has a loose baby tooth. Losing baby teeth is a normal rite of passage, made even sweeter by the promise of a visit from the tooth fairy. But what do you do about the tooth? Should you wiggle it, pull it, or what? The truth is it depends on the child and on the tooth. If the tooth can be wiggled back and forth without causing the child pain, it is most likely safe to pull. Here are some simple steps you can take to pull that loose tooth safely and comfortably.

First, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Not only will this limit the possibility of infection, but dry hands will make it easier to grasp the tooth. Using your fingers or a clean gauze pad, gently pull the tooth out. If the gum area where the tooth was pulled bleeds, don’t be alarmed: this is normal. Simply ask your child to lean forward so he or she does not swallow the blood. Using a clean gauze pad, apply gentle pressure until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding does not stop after fifteen minutes, it’s a good idea to give the dentist or a medical professional a call.