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Dentist Near Me Glendale, MO. When looking up “dentist near me,” a lot of questions can arise about just how qualified the dentists and their staff are to clean or repair your teeth, and what array of dental services they offer. Plaza Dental offers Glendale, MO the best dentistry for everyone in your family. We treat each patient as if they were our own family, and endeavor to work with you as a team to keep your gums healthy and your smile bright. Whether you need dental care for your kids, cosmetic dentistry, implants, tooth extraction, or just a regular cleaning, call us today at 314-361-1818 or fill out our online contact form.

Plaza Dental has the skill, experience, and technology to carry out any dental procedure you need, for anyone in your family. We have a friendly and passionate staff that strongly believes in patient education to help keep your teeth shiny and your gums healthy. Before you just rush to the closest “dentist near me,” reach out to Plaza Dental today for all your dental needs.

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Dos and Don’ts When Picking A Dentist Near Me

When searching for your Glendale, MO “dentist near me,” you may have a lot of questions and not know where to start. A lot of trust comes with choosing a dentist, including trust that they know what they’re doing and trust that they really care about your dental health. Here some things you should look for when looking for a “dentist near me”:

  • DO choose a dentist with a variety of payment options. It makes sense to want to pick a dentist you can use your insurance with, and Plaza Dental accepts the majority of insurance policies. If you have questions about your insurance and whether we accept it, please call as at your convenience. To make payment as convenient for you as possible, we accept checks, cash, debit cards, and the majority of major credit cards. We also accept CareCredit, a no interest, low monthly payment credit card for all of your healthcare needs, so you don’t need to hesitate to visit a Glendale, MO dentist near you. Lastly, Plaza Dental offers a 10% senior discount.
  • DON’T pick a dentist with limited capabilities. When you find a “dentist near me” in Glendale, MO, you want to feel confident that they can perform more than just regular teeth cleaning. You want to build a relationship with your dentist and staff, and be confident that the quality of service and dentistry will be the same every time you go and no matter what treatment or procedure you may need. You don’t want to have to be sent to a dentist you are not familiar with if you need an implant.
  • DON’T pick a dentist without the latest dental technology. The dental industry, like the medical industry in general, is constantly undergoing technological advances. You require a dentist who keeps up with the most recent industry-approved trends to make your visits easier, quicker, and more effective. Our digital x-rays and CAD/CAM cameras make diagnosis and treatment as pain-free and accurate as ever.
  • DO choose your Glendale, MO dentist near me with positive reviews. When picking a local Glendale, MO dentist, seek out the reviews of their other Glendale, MO patients. You can review our testimonials to see why hundreds of Glendale, MO residents have found Plaza Dental’s professionalism, compassion, and expertise to be the best choice for their dental care needs.
  • DON’T choose a dentist who doesn’t have the right qualifications and level of care. After graduating with his Doctor of Dental Medicine, Dr. Joseph Cutrona chose to do an optional residency at the University of Michigan, where he was exposed to a lot of complex cases that the majority of dentists never have an opportunity to treat until far after their careers have started.
  • DO choose a dentist you feel comfortable with. Dr. Cutrona is from the Glendale, MO area and filmy believes in treating every Glendale, MO patient with empathy. He specifically enjoys treating patients who are nervous about their trip to the dentist’s office, as he is committed to ensuring everyone in Glendale, MO receives the dental care they need so they can leave our office smiling proudly.

The Services Your Dentist Near Me Can Offer

Because you want your Glendale, MO “dentist near me” to treat your teeth and gums no matter their current condition, it’s important to find a dentist that provides a wide scope of services. At Plaza Dental, we can handle all of your dentistry needs, including:

  • General and Preventive Dentistry, including:
    • Regular Cleanings
    • Regular Teeth and Gum Examinations
    • Patient Education
    • Root Canals
    • Bad Breath
  • Orthodontics, including
    • Braces
    • Aligners
    • Spacers
    • Palate Expanders
    • Retainers
  • Dental Problems, such as
    • Gum Disease
    • Tooth Decay
    • Wisdom Tooth Extraction
    • Abscessed Tooth
    • Cavities
    • Dry Mouth
    • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    • Oral Cancer
    • Toothache
    • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    • Dental Bonding
    • Dental Crowns
    • Denstures
    • Invisalign®
    • Tooth Whitening
    • Smile Makeover
  • Implant Dentistry

Even better, we serve all ages, from infants and toddlers to seniors. Regardless of how big or small, young or old yourGlendale, MO family, you can trust us with any of your dental care needs.

Take a look at the full range of services we offer by checking out the links below:

Hire Plaza Dental as Your Dentist Near Me

Whatever kind of dentistry you require, and whether it’s just for you or for Glendale, MO family, you can stop searching “dentist near me” now and call us at 314-361-1818. We consider each Glendale, MO patient family and will work alongside you as a team to make sure you can feel proud and confident with your smile. Call us or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment today.