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Kirkwood, MO Family Dentistry

Quality dental care for your family’s complete dentistry needs

Kirkwood, MO Family Dentistry. You care about your family’s dental health. Find quality care provided by the top Kirkwood, MO Oral Surgeons and Dental Hygienists at Plaza Dental Center. With our Kirkwood, MO Family Dentistry program, you will always be our main priority. We exist to provide Kirkwood, MO families with the dental care they need. Our dentists will make sure that your needs and questions are answered, and that you have access to the best possible treatment options. Our friendly staff will also follow up with you after your appointment to make sure that your problems are resolved and that any pain you may have had is relieved.

Our Kirkwood, MO family dentistry team at Plaza Dental Center sees it as our charge to bring access to quality family dental care to residents throughout the Kirkwood, MO area. We respect that you have a choice when it comes to a family dentistry provider, and you and your family need a provider that provides a comfortable environment and offers the best quality dental care. We are the proud family dentistry provider of choice for families in Kirkwood, MO and throughout St. Louis. Begin receiving quality family dentistry care today by calling us at 314-361-1818 or sending us a message now.

Kirkwood, MO family dentistry | Kirkwood, MO area family dentistry services

Kirkwood, MO Family Dentistry

Oral health is important. In your role as a spouse or parent, you are not only responsible for your own dental care, but also with ensuring the rest of your family gets the dental treatment they need. You have to worry about scheduling regular dental visits for all members of your family. As the parent of young children, you are also concerned with promoting their responsible self-care and oral hygiene–which all begins with making sure they get to the Kirkwood, MO family dentist for regular biannual check-ups.

You need a reputable local Kirkwood, MO family dentistry provider you can trust–one you can rely on and look forward to visiting for regular family dentistry care such as biannual dental cleaning. To us, Kirkwood, MO family dentistry means so much more than that. What will you do when someone in your family has a dental emergency or needs specialized dental services? Those who come to Plaza Dental Center for their Kirkwood, MO family dentistry needs have a professional dental team to turn to any time someone needs additional dental care.

Our role as a leading Kirkwood, MO family dentistry provider means that we are dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming dental care environment with excellent customer service. The arsenal of family dentistry treatments we provide are performed by highly qualified dental professionals and everything we do is led by our patient-centered approach.

Kirkwood, MO Family Dentistry for All Ages

We are all familiar with the fact that, as young children, we first grow a set of baby teeth first. Over time, we lose those teeth and permanent adult teeth grow in their place. It may surprise you to learn that the oral and dental differences between an adult and a child extend far beyond baby teeth. Our dental needs change and evolve over time as we gradually grow and advance in age. With Plaza’s Kirkwood, MO family dentistry, you know will be in the hands of dentists with extensive experience treating patients of all ages and their precise needs.

For a young child, our family dentistry services will be focused on teaching oral hygiene and building up their teeth with fluoride treatments. We may focus on enforcing flossing habits and preparing for braces in our teenage patients. When our patients reach adulthood and advance in age, we use Kirkwood, MO family dentistry to help them preserve their adult teeth and connect them with restoration services such as bridges and dental implants. Whatever stage of life you find yourself living, our Kirkwood, MO family dentistry program is prepared to give you the best dental care available.

Our Dental Services

Though family dentistry is broadly considered to include the general dental care such as periodic cleaning and examinations, Plaza Dental Care’s Kirkwood, MO family dental services offer much more. Our dentists and staff are skilled and qualified in additional dental services such as cosmetic, restorative, and implant procedures. Whether you’re ready to brighten the appearance of your yellowing teeth, have gum sensitivity that needs attention, have a child who needs braces, or is it time to transition to full dentures, count on our family dentistry for your family’s every dental need.

General Family Dentistry

A comprehensive dental examination and cleaning are recommended twice-yearly for children and adults. During your first visit at our Family Dentistry facility, we will complete a thorough examination and full mouth X-ray to check on the status of your gums, teeth, and jaw. To make sure that your dental health is moving forward, we may require additional X-rays at future appointments.

Some of our other general family dentistry services are:

Cosmetic Dentistry

You can also bring your family to your family dentistry provider, Plaza Dental Center, for cosmetic procedures. We believe that everyone deserves a smile they love, and we are prepared to help you and your family members find the smile of their dreams. From a significant injury or birth deformity to slight discoloration or the need for a filling, we can perform flawless, beautiful cosmetic dentistry procedures.

A few of the cosmetic dental work we do includes:

Implants and Orthodontic Dentistry

The dentists of our Kirkwood, MO family dentistry program are skilled in a range of advanced dentistry techniques to restore your smile and alleviate any oral health issues, including restorative procedures, dental implant procedures, and orthodontic procedures such as braces and retainers.

Whether you have difficulty eating, tooth sensitivity, wisdom tooth impaction, or another dental complaint or issue, the family dentistry team at Plaza Dental Center is prepared to restore your smile, offer you comfort and pain relief, and transform the appearance of your smile–no matter what kind of treatment you require.

Kirkwood, MO Family Dentistry | Plaza Dental Center

You want the best for your family, and that includes their family dentistry care. The Plaza Dental Center Kirkwood, MO family dentistry team is equipped to provide care that is tailored to patients’ needs at each stage in their life. We are committed to promoting lasting oral health treatments and patient-centered service. Contact Plaza Dental Center today to discuss how we can help your family by calling us at 314-361-1818  now.