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Teeth Cleaning is an Integral Part of a Healthy Smile.

Teeth Cleaning Brentwood, MO. A great smile requires brushing and flossing to keep your oral health in great condition. But everyone needs professional assistance from time to time when it comes to taking care of your smile. Twice annual Brentwood MO teeth cleaning at Plaza Dental can help make sure that your teeth and gums stay in peak condition. When you visit your Plaza Dental Center dentist to receive your routine dental exam, we will provide you with a standard Brentwood, MO teeth cleaning to help maintain your oral health and keep your smile beautiful. Make sure you have your semi-annual teeth cleaning appointment scheduled and, in the mean time, do your part to care for your smile at home.

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Teeth Cleaning Process Brentwood, MO

If you have ever been to the dentist, you have probably had your teeth cleaned before. It is probably safe to say that most of us have undergone many Brentwood, MO teeth cleaning appointments in our life time. Though as dental professionals we hope that this is the case for you, don’t worry if you can’t remember your last cleaning. The important thing is that you are taking the first step toward receiving a teeth cleaning in Brentwood, MO today. Teeth cleaning is an important dental service that should be done regularly. Patients should aim to see their dentist twice annually for a regular dental check-up. At this time, you will receive standard teeth cleaning done by your skilled dental hygienist with help from the dentist.

If you are returning to the dentist after having lapsed for a few years or your youngster is anxious about their first Brentwood, MO teeth cleaning, it can help to know what the hygienist is doing and what to expect from the teeth cleaning procedure. Though there are some specialized teeth cleaning techniques for special conditions, you can generally expect a general teeth cleaning in Brentwood, MO, which consists of the following:

  1. A physical exam

    Before starting any actual Brentwood, MO teeth cleaning, your skilled dental hygienist will first examine your teeth and evaluate your oral health. By using a small mirror to view your teeth and gums, they will check for signs of cavities, gingivitis, and any other possible oral health concerns. If anything concerning is detected during the exam, your hygienist may consult with your Brentwood, MO dentist to decide whether it is safe to proceed with the teeth cleaning or if there is another treatment that needs to be done.

  2. Removal of plaque and tartar

    At this point, your dental hygienist will take out a scaler to begin removing built up plaque and tartar from your teeth, including around your gum line and in between your teeth. Using the scaler tool and the mirror to identify areas of buildup, your hygienist will carefully scrape your teeth to remove the tartar. Tartar is the result of plaque that has built up and hardened and is only able to be removed this way by going to a dentist and getting a teeth cleaning. To prevent tartar from forming, brush and floss your teeth often.

  3. Tooth scrubbing

    The next step in your dental cleaning after the tartar has been removed is to polish or scrub your teeth. The hygienist does this with a powerful electric toothbrush and a gritty toothpaste. With these tools, the hygienist gently polishes your teeth. During this part of the teeth cleaning, you may feel a grinding feeling or noise. While this scrubbing method is safe to do professionally during your 6-month teeth cleaning appointment in Brentwood, MO, it can cause damage if done too frequently, so do not attempt this process at home.

  4. Flossing

    This is one part of professional teeth cleaning that you can and should mimic on your own (on a daily basis). Your dental hygienist is a professional and will expertly floss your teeth, reaching deep between your teeth and determining any problem areas that need extra attention. They will also be able to detect areas that are prone to bleeding and will adjust their technique accordingly. This part in the teeth cleaning process is also helpful for removing plaque or debris that was missed during the scrapping or scrubbing procedures.

  5. Rinsing

    After removing any and all plaque, tartar, and small bits of debris during the first part of the teeth cleaning process, your mouth will then be rinsed. Typically they will use a rinse from a tube that may contain fluoride and may use another tool to rinse your mouth by removing any remaining water from your mouth with suction power. At this point in your teeth cleaning, all debris and plaque should be removed from your mouth.

  6. <liFluoride application

    The last thing left to do in your Brentwood, MO teeth cleaning is to finish it all off with a fluoride treatment. Think of your deck. You would hire someone who would first sweep your deck and then power wash it to remove all foreign debris. After that, they would stain and seal the surface of your newly cleaned deck to keep it brighter and cleaner longer. The same is true of your teeth cleaning in Brentwood, MO. Your hygienist applies the fluoride treatment to your just-cleaned teeth to protect them for the next few months and reduce the risk of cavities.

Teeth cleaning in Brentwood, MO is a normal and relatively simple procedure, yet it is essential to your dental health. You should schedule Brentwood, MO teeth cleaning appointments for everyone in your family once every six months. Regular teeth cleaning done as directed by your dentist can help combat cavities, yellow or stained teeth, gum disease, and many other oral health and cosmetic dental concerns. your job is to brush your teeth and floss daily and remember to make it to your teeth cleaning appointments in Brentwood, MO at Plaza Dental Center. Your teeth cleaning dental experts at Plaza will take care of the rest.

Teeth Cleaning Dentist Brentwood, MO

During a twice-yearly check-up, we check our patients’ teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, and neck. Our dentist and hygienist in Brentwood will examine your teeth to look for the presence of any cavities and other abnormalities. An examination of your gums will detect if any gum disease is present or needs treatment. We’ll also check to see if TMJ is developing, or if any other ailments could arise from your joints or glands concerning your oral health. If necessary, Dr. Cutrona may recommend additional X-rays, an oral cancer screening, or a further periodontal inspection.

Our dental hygienists perform a comprehensive cleaning. Professional cleanings semi-annually are recommended to prevent cavities and that any complications that arise with your smile are dealt with correctly. Having your teeth professionally cleaned maintains and boosts your oral hygiene.

The dentist or hygienist will use scalers, curettes, and in some cases ultrasonic scalers to thoroughly clean the entire surface of each tooth, including the portion below the gum line. Once the teeth have been cleaned of any plague or other obstructions, we’ll polish them to remove any surface stains. Tooth polishing is one of the final steps in professional teeth cleaning in Brentwood, MO. To polish the teeth, a dentist or hygienist will use a rubber cup-shaped instrument and an abrasive toothpaste or a mixture of baking soda and water to scrub the teeth. The final step is a protective fluoride treatment.

Everyone should receive standard Brentwood, MO teeth cleaning once every six months. Our dentists can perform general teeth cleaning in addition to a variety of speciality dental services and treatments, such as:

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Plaza Dental is the premier and preferred dentistry in Brentwood. You deserve professional and complete teeth cleaning, and your smile and oral health can only benefit. In addition to your standard teeth cleaning appointments, discover some of our specialty dental services below.

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You and your family must have teeth cleaning done twice a year. Get comfortable, professional teeth cleaning from experienced professionals in Brentwood, MO at Plaza Dental Center. Trust us for your family’s Brentwood, MO teeth cleaning and all other dental services you may need. To schedule your teeth cleaning in Brentwood, MO today, contact our dental center serving teeth cleaning clients in Brentwood, MO today at 314-361-1818 or reach us online here.