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Pediatric Dentist Sunset Hills, MO. Oral hygiene education and proper dental care are important for individuals of all ages, including children. With the help of a reputable Sunset Hills, MO pediatric dentist, your children can learn and be exposed to good oral health practices early. Not only do the Sunset Hills, MO pediatric dentists of Plaza Dental Center have the training and experience needed to provide quality pediatric dental services to growing children of all ages, but they also know how to interact with young patients and help make their visit to the pediatric dentist as pleasant as possible.

Schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist in the Sunset Hills, MO area that knows how to treat your children. The pediatric dental staff at Plaza Dental Center prioritizes the comfort of our patients and accessibility to great dental services, including our that of our young patients receiving pediatric dental care. Schedule an appointment with a Plaza Dental Center pediatric dentist near Sunset Hills, MO for your children today. Contact us now at 314-361-1818 or fill out this online form.

Pediatric Dentist Sunset Hills, MO | Dental Care for Kids | Children's Dentist Near Sunset Hills

The Importance of a Pediatric Dentist in Sunset Hills, MO

Your child’s development depends upon many key players, including their Sunset Hills, MO pediatric dentist. Your Plaza Dental Center pediatric dentist has work extensively with pediatric patients of all ages, infants to teenagers. We approach our young patients as developing individuals with unique needs, not just small adults. As a parent with children, you need to find a good pediatric dentist near the Sunset Hills, MO area to provide tooth, gum, and overall oral health care designed especially for the growing and developing mouths of children. The CDC approximates that the majority of kids ages 6 to 8 suffer from decay in at least one of their primary teeth. At Plaza Dental, we are firm believers in patient education, and believe that process should start as early as possible. We work with you as a parent to develop good oral health habits for cleaning your kid’s mouth, and for teaching them how to do it once they’ve reached the appropriate age. Your pediatric dentist should also teach your children proper oral hygiene, work with you to help your child form healthy habits, and motivate your children to prioritize their oral health from childhood into adulthood. Some of what we do for children and families include:

  • Making sure their baby teeth are healthy. Even though the teeth are not permanent, they have an important role in the development of healthy gums, the shape of your child’s face and in making chewing and eating easier.
  • If a tooth is lost unnaturally, for instance if it needs to be removed, the other teeth will attempt to close the gap, which will result in crooked teeth once the permanent teeth come in. In those case, we place a temporary fake tooth to keep your child’s alignment healthy until the permanent tooth lowers.
  • Thumb sucking is an important behavior for infants. However, if a child does not stop after the age of 4 it can cause many different long-term dental problems. We help parents implement a strategy to ease their child away from thumb sucking.
  • Helping you create a plan of action to teach your child how to brush in a way that makes them want to do it and nurtures healthy habits.
  • Extracting a lose tooth that hurts too much to pull out at home.
  • Helping you and your child come up with healthy eating habits to prevent cavities.
  • Letting you know when you should begin orthodontic treatment such as braces or retainers.
  • Helping soothe dental anxiety so your child won’t be nervous about getting necessary and recommended dental care in the future.

Pediatric Dentist Sunset Hills, MO | Dental Care for Kids | Children's Dentist Near Sunset Hills

When to See a Pediatric Dentist in Sunset Hills, MO

It is never too early to book an appointment for your child with a pediatric dentist near Sunset Hills, MO, and Plaza Dental Center’s team of pediatric dentists are here for you. Although the first teeth a child develops are not permanent, it is still critical that young children get proper dental care early in life. Typically developing infants will begin growing their first baby teeth before reaching six months of life. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises that children see a pediatric dentist later than the child’s first birthday. By the time your child is 6 or 7, their baby teeth will gradually start falling out and being replaced by their permanent teeth.

Your Sunset Hills, MO pediatric dentist is responsible for giving your child dental care to protect their gums and teeth from decay and disease that can lead to long-term dental problems. Pediatric dental caries, also known as cavities, are a prevalent pediatric health problem, affecting one in five children. In fact, caries are the most prevalent childhood chronic disease in the country. These oral infections are more significant childhood health concerns than common diagnoses like asthma. Give your children a strong and healthy start to their oral health by scheduling regular appointments with your trusted pediatric dentist.

Pediatric Dentistry Services in Sunset Hills, MO

A pediatric dentist has a responsibility not only to the child, but also their parents. It is important to have a strong working relationship between yourself, your child, and your pediatric dentist. As your pediatric dentist, we are dedicated to giving your child a pleasant experience when visiting our dental office. In fact, we offer pediatric dental resources like puzzles and coloring pages to help make your child’s introduction to dentistry fun!

We provide your family and others in the Sunset Hills, MO area with pediatric dentists and other dental services including:

  • Infant oral health examinations
  • Identification of risk factors for pregnant mothers
  • Pediatric cleaning and general dental care
  • Orthodontic diagnosis and care, including straightening teeth with braces or correcting and overbite
  • Cavity diagnosis and treatment
  • Management of gum conditions
  • Diagnosis of dental-related health conditions
  • Oral injury emergency treatment

The Plaza Dental Center team is here to meet your complete Sunset Hills, MO dental care needs.

Your Plaza Dental Center pediatric dentist is here to serve your complete dental needs in Sunset Hills, MO. Even after your child reaches adulthood, we can continue to provide them with comfortable, safe, and effective dental care. Plaza Dental Center’s dental team has what it takes to meet your dental needs through all stages of life.

Pediatric Dentist Sunset Hills, MO | Dental Care for Kids | Children's Dentist Near Sunset Hills

Schedule a Visit with Your Pediatric Dentist in Sunset Hills, MO

Introduce your children to quality dental care now by scheduling their first appointment with a Sunset Hills, MO area pediatric dentist. Our team of dentists and hygienists can treat nearly any condition in a patient of any age. Your Sunset Hills, MO pediatric dentist with Plaza Dental Center is ready to provide your children with the dental care they need. Contact us today at 314-361-1818 or online.